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          Geneva Amateur Operatic Society 

Welcome to GAOS

The Geneva Amateur Operatic Society was created in 1971 by a small group of musical theatre enthusiasts. Since then it has grown hugely in scope and membership, and today includes a substantial non-Anglophone contingent. Productions are in English and are performed entirely by talented amateurs at some of the city’s most exciting venues. They have earned the Society a reputation for shows of a very high calibre.

A blockbuster weekend with gaos

Experience GAOS at its best over the weekend of 24-25 August 2019, at two events highlighting the diverse talents of our many members.

First, don't miss the the GAOS Really Youthful Group production of one of the most popular musicals ever:

Théâtre de Marens, Nyon
23-25 August 2019

Round off the weekend with the GAOS Choral Group performance of English folk songs and madrigals:

Temple de Commugny
Sunday, 25 August 2019, 18.00

Entrance free, retiring collection and a verre d'amitié

What's on

23-25 August 2019

Choral Group workshop
23-25 August 2019

Choral Group - workshop closing concert
25 August 2019

The Wind in the Willows - read-through
27 August 2019

The Wind in the Willows - auditions
29 and 31 August, 2 September 2019

Annual General Meeting
21 September 2019

Musical evening
27 October 2019

Hallowe'en party
1 November 2019

7-15 December 2019

Les Misérables - Zurich
8 February 2020

Musical evening
16 February 2020

Spring show 2020
2-5 April 2020

Musical evening
17 May 2020

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Join us!

Wondering how you can be a part of GAOS?

The possibilities are endless! Whether you enjoy singing, dancing or acting on stage, building sets, creating effects with light and sound, painting faces or creating costumes, or simply selling drinks at the bar, we have a place for you.

Click here to become a member.

the wind in the willows

The GAOS 2019 Christmas production

The Wind in the Willows

will be performed at the Théâtre de Marens, Nyon, from 6 to 15 December 2019. One of the best-loved works of children's fiction in English, Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows was first published in 1908. Renew your acquaintance with Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger in this modern-day production.

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