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The Geneva Amateur Operatic Society was created in 1971 by a small group of musical theatre enthusiasts. Since then it has grown hugely in scope and membership, and today includes a substantial non-Anglophone contingent. Productions are in English and are performed entirely by talented amateurs at some of the city’s most exciting venues. They have earned the Society a reputation for shows of a very high calibre.

LEt's face the music

Enjoy an exciting evening of variety with song and dance numbers from great American and British shows. Whether you prefer Jersey Boys or Can-Can girls, Hearing the People Sing or simply Busting Out All Over — there’s something here for you! Dinner will be served before the show for those seated in the auditorium. Beverages, dessert and coffee are also available for purchase from the bar for all patrons. Have we got your feet tapping? Tap your way to our show page for more information!


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The possibilities are endless. Whether you enjoy singing, dancing or acting on stage, building sets, creating effects with lights and sound, painting faces or creating costumes, or simply selling drinks at a bar, rest assured your capabilities and talents will be put to good use.

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Auditions have just been held for the 2017 youth show, Legally Blonde: The Musical. Watch this space for more news about this bright, colourful musical .

Too shy for the stage? There are loads of other ways to participate! Find out how you can be part of the GAOS Really Youthful Group.

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