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It can take a hundred or more GAOS members to put on a show - and most of them never set foot on stage. The range of tasks is enormous, and your skill set is bound to include something we could put to good use! Worried that you may not have the skills yet? GAOS is also a terrific training ground. We're happy to welcome total beginners and help them learn. We also regularly organise workshops to enhance our members' skills in specific areas. These are run with the help of local professionals or experts brought in from abroad. Click on an area of interest to you and join the fun!

  • Set design, construction, painting, working backstage during performances as part of the "team in black"
  • Lighting (design, rigging and operation)
  • Sound and sound effects
  • Make-up
  • Costumes (design, sewing, managing our extensive costume store)
  • Props
  • Front-of-house (tearing tickets, ushering, front-of-house bar, selling programmes)
  • Callers and prompts
  • backstage bar


The sound team is responsible for ensuring cast members can be heard clearly when singing and speaking, and for providing any sound effects during the show. It equips cast members with working microphones before the show, as required, and monitors sound levels throughout the performance. Interested? Write to technical@gaos.ch


GAOS sets are works of art - that have to be designed, constructed, painted, transported, assembled at the theatre, and moved on and off stage between scenes. We build the sets at our own premises, where we have all the supplies and tools to please the heart of every DIY enthusiast. Whether you aspire to create the prefect backdrop for the cast or simply enjoy wielding a paint brush with your mates on a sunny weekend afternoon, there's a slot for you! Write to technical@gaos.ch.


Lighting is key to setting the mood and focusing audience attention. Our lighting designers work with the Society's own lights and/or those in the theatre, and with teams of helpers that rig and operate the lights, using sophisticated lighting boards. To find out more: technical@gaos.ch.




Our make-up teams are expert at ageing the young, taking years off the elderly, turning the nicest cast members into fearsome witches, adding another layer of outrageous to the pantomime Dame, and sharpening everyone's features to withstand the glare of the lights. To join them: technical@gaos.ch





Activities in this sector range from costume design (to suit a period, mood or choreography) to producing sets of bees' wings or bear paws, sewing buttons on men's topcoats, trimming hats, constructing a smoke-belching dragon's head ... and everything in between! Costumes are drawn from our extensive costume wardrobe and remodeled, or manufactured from scratch. Find out more at: technical@gaos.ch




If you thought make-up and costumes were varied, wait til you see what a props team can be asked to do! From building a flying car to finding a functioning grandfather clock or making plates of cupcakes that won't slip off during a dance number, a props person has to be inventive, creative ... and a bit of a Sherlock Holmes to boot. The props teams are an integral part of the backstage crew, making sure the right prop is on the right side of the stage to be handed to the cast at exactly the right moment. Interested? Write to technical@gaos.ch.  


Front of house

We want our audience members to enjoy a complete and carefree theatre experience from the moment they step into the foyer. Here's where our strictly volunteer front-of-house staff come in. Smiling, gracious, knowledgeable, they tear tickets, sell programmes, usher people to their seats, offer drinks and snacks for sale, all to make the audience feel welcome and relaxed. Sound like something you'd enjoy doing? Contact assistantbusiness@gaos.ch.  


Callers and prompts

Of course, our cast members never miss a cue or forget a line. But just in case, directors work with callers (who make sure everyone's in the wings on time for their entrance) and prompts (who sit with the band and provide lines in the rare instance that someone dries). These are jobs that require concentration and a thorough knowledge of the show. Interested? Contact assistantbusiness@gaos.ch.

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