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For Anthea Roth, RIP

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  • 25 Jan 2017 10:25
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    How we shall all miss Anthea and all her contributions to GAOS over the years in so many different roles.  Personally, Mark and I will remember and treasure the fun times we have had collaborating with her for Front of House.  She was a truly amazing lady - so full of fun, wanting to enjoy life and to help and guide others when necessary.  Her bilingual skills and her charm were particularly appreciated when liaising with the two teams at the Kempinski - the hotel team and the Théâtre de Léman team.  Anthea also enjoyed so much following the development of the GAOS children as they moved towards adulthood and into their careers, including for our own daughter Carina.   I remember her recruiting two sets of Von Trapp children in the Sound of Music in 2010 as she could not bear to refuse any of the children - they all adored her.  Rest in peace dear Anthea - you will live on in our hearts.  Sue, Mark and Carina Tyrrell

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  • 25 Jan 2017 12:37
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    As you all gather to bid a fond farewell to dear Anthea, please know that we are with you in spirit and joining you in giving thanks for her friendship and gifts, which will be greatly missed by so many.  We smile as we remember the old days when we were involved in shows together and all the fun of the sing-songs in the pub after rehearsals, the cycle rides, car rallies and social gatherings.  Anthea was so warm-hearted and generous and so good at keeping in touch, even when we didn't see each other so often in recent years.  We can't imagine GAOS without her, but the best tribute we could pay her would be to continue her legacy of commitment, support and friendship.  With our love, prayers and sympathy, especially to Michael & Benjamin,

    Peta, John & Anna Tracey

  • 04 Feb 2017 16:03
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    I had the brightest summer in 2015, when  Anthea met me at Gatwick airport (with a guest) and together... drove from Gatwick airport to Coventry, stopping by Sue's charming hometown in Buckinhamshire.   It was a sunny drive, we stopped at a pub along the way and it was unforgettable to be with those two ladies on such a footloose journey.   We three took a course called "Directing a Musical" at National Operatic & Dramatic Association ("NODA", patron Andrew Lloyd Webber) summer school taught by a Ms Henderson of the King's Theatre, Edinburgh.

    Ms Henderson would often refer to Anthea and Sue to highlight more difficult challenges and we all benefitted from their years of experience and ingenuity.   Mostly the others in the class were from smaller operatic societies with similar long histories to GAOS I was impressed what lengths they went to get around their bottom line.   There was real learning going on. 

    Outside on her break, Anthea would sit on the terrace making small talk with others.   She was popular and sociable and many people including perfect strangers would gather around her to talk. Together we three represented GAOS well and I am very grateful for having gone along.

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  • 06 Feb 2017 10:48
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    I'm posting this from former member JEAN JENNINGS, now living in France, who was active in GAOS in the 1980s:

    I first got to know Anthea in about 1980 but saw her in her true sparkling lights when she co-directed with me the 1982 panto "The Frog Prince". Such a long time ago.....but, coming across an old programme of the show and reading the production team notes I found this tribute from I believe, Sue Lloyd:

    "Anthea's organising ability, her energy and popularity make her one of GAOS's most valuable members.

    She's rarely down is our Anthea: always ready with a "I'll do that" or "don't worry, leave it to me". Her drive and determination to put on a good show leads her to be everywhere - scene construction, painting, coaching, and even dragging a goat around for a sister Society! Anthea is renowned for her paint-bespattered jeans and jerseys in all the restaurants around Vandoeuvres!

    Last but not least, Anthea is a genuine all rounder: frequently to be seen in leading roles on stage or singing in the GAOS Benefit Concerts, or beavering away in the labyrinths of the UN".

    That was written - good heavens - thirty-five years ago and STILL the tributes ring exactly the same today! Bless you Anthea - what a trooper!

  • 22 Dec 2017 09:13
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    I made this 11 minute compilation from old footage that various people took over the years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5v_jZi_PjQ  Somehow this condolence page slipped my mind.

    Yes, RIP Anthea.

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