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For Nic Sommer RIP

  • 14 Apr 2020 19:31
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    Write a tribute to Nic Sommer, GAOS dame extraordinaire and the composer of our "anthem", The Goodbye Song".

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  • 18 Apr 2020 18:46
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    So this is it...? Your last trick on me, on us.

    You always had a knack for joking around. Your wittiness and ability to speak your mind is one of my fondest memories of you.

    When talking to me, you enjoyed pronouncing your name in the French manner oh so much - Nicolas ! 

    When the other guy, named like you, took the job to lead France, you jokingly said that you’d happily pass your nickname of “Petit Nicolas” onto him, and instead, use the french song I dedicated to you: “Nicolas, Nicolas, c’était de l’amour, on ne le savait pas !” I remember when the tune was stuck in your head for days on end. You said you’ll learn the entire song, one day… That was fun ! 

    I’ll never forget the support you showed me 10 years or so ago.  You'd heard that I was bedridden for over a month to ease (and actually cure) a lumbar disc herniation. You wrote me several times and spent hours chatting with me on the phone to keep my mind off the pain.  I was so touched by your concern.

    You always came to see my school plays (and gosh, that must have been boring for you !). I am very proud that you allowed me to use the GoodBye song with my students. For 21 years, kids grew up with your music and words (slightly modified) in their hearts. You used to tell the children : “This song is ONLY for the Best and Biggest Musical Theatre Group in Switzerland and... for YOU !” The way you impressed them acting your words ! They were so proud !

    The GoodBye song keeps playing in my head… 

    GoodBye, GoodBye, we have to say GoodBye…

    For the first time, those words have a bittersweet ring to them.

    Au revoir, Nicolas.


  • 20 Apr 2020 22:50
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    Of course we all knew Nic from the Goodbye Song and his many humorous roles on the GAOS stage.  But I wanted to share an enjoyable chat I had with Nic at the men’s Christmas lunch a few years ago.  Surrounded by conversations of people who “didn’t want to subsidize the youth show” or “needed to maximize revenue,” Nic knew what was truly important to the society and spoke of it with such common sense.  We need to maximize our members, he said.  We talked about how to get some members back in the society, how to maximize musical opportunities and how GAOS is such a good bridge to the young and old.   I left feeling like I knew him much better and always thought of his sensible approach when singing the goodbye song from then on.  GAOS will miss you Nic.    

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