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Let's Face the Music

  • 15 Jun 2017
  • 17 Jun 2017
  • Salle de spectacles, Founex, VD

Auditions are over, but that means the fun is just beginning! Directed by Pam Walsh (with Paddy McDonald wielding the baton), Let’s Face the Music promises to be a summer show to remember, fusing elements of Music Hall, variety shows, and highlights from some of Broadway and the West End’s best musicals and Hollywood’s most famous classic films. Audiences will be wowed by romantic songs, mesmerising dance, and hilarious skits – all while enjoying a delicious meal, drinks, and great company.

Here are some important dates:

Stuffing Party: 11 May

Priority Bookings (for members only): as of 13 May

Public bookings: as of 20 May

Tickets will be available at 29 francs for the balcony,
49 francs with dinner, and 69 francs for a premium package (the best seats in the house, with dinner, complimentary champagne and programme).


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